Saturday, April 17, 2021
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Monterey Dolphin Cup

After many years the 5O5 fleet returned to Monterey for the 2017 Dolphin Cup, a huge and lovely trophy with much history that has been competed for in many different classes over the years.

Friday saw a group of 6 boats out training in 8-12 knots and bright sunshine. Giving the race team at Monterey Peninsula Yacht Club a chance to see what a gate start looked like and the boats an early look at the conditions. Following the sailing Eb Russell very generously hosted us all at his warehouse for great food and beer. We also conducted a good debrief.

For the real racing, starting Saturday, PRO Dino Pick had the course set up off the beach less than a mile from the harbor entrance, a nice easy sail out, with a good length course for the 10-12 knot breeze. Five races were held in all for the 15 boats with no one winning more than 1 race and many place changes, particularly downwind where it seemed being ahead was never a good thing until the end! All the races were tight with many being photo finishes. Following racing the YC put on a great feast and as always a good debrief took place. Sorry no info here, you had to be there to get the data!!

Sunday and the breeze was up a fair bit, but with some lighter patches and again a very tricky race track and yet again it didn’t pay to be ahead, until the finish! Four races were held and again we had 4 different winners! Some of the best racing that I have had in a long time, fun sailing for sure, but great racing. All expertly managed by Dino and his race team, even when there were issues with the gate launch, we just carried on without one!

For the racing, as you can see from the results, everyone had their moments of brilliance and their moments of shame! I think almost everyone rounded ahead of at least one World Champion at one stage or another and while the current Champion’s won the event and the ’14 winning team were 2nd, it was always a fight and five different teams won races and several others deserved wins having seen their leads eaten up by teams coming down on new breeze or able to gybe off in pressure lines that never reached them!

Monterey delivered a great “new” venue for us, great YC, race team and volunteers in a perfect setting with easy access to hotels and everything we need. We have to go back again next year!


  1. 9106 Adam Lowry/Mike Martin                      1,2,2,2,5,2,1,2,2
  2. 9115 Rob Woelfel/Mike Holt                           6,1,3,4,6,3,4,1,3
  3. 8681 Stu Park/Ryan Cox                                 3,6,1,7,3,6,7,4,1
  4. 9088 Jon Bell/Kevin Taugher                           4,7,7,9,7,1,2,5,6
  5. 9073 Eric Anderson/Bruce Edwards               5,9,5,8,9,5,6,3,5
  6. 9082 Pat Diola/Jeff Miller                                 8,3,6,1,14,8,3,9,4
  7. 8714 Reeve Dunne/Molly                                 9,5,9,6,4,4,5,7,7
  8. 8965 Paul VonGrey/Eb Russell/Riley Gibbs     2,4,4,3,1,10,8,13,DNF
  9. 7875 Harrison Turner/Holt Condon                  7,8,8,5,2,7,9,6,9
  10. 9083 Rob Waterman/Aaron Ross                    10,12,10,11,11,11,10,10,8
  11. 8937 Jake Spracher/Tim Murphy                    12,13,12,13,8,9,14,11,10
  12. 9080 Tom Crawford/Pierre Jeangirard            11,10,11,12,10,DNF,11,8,DNF
  13. 9004 Jacob Paoletti/Austin Booke                13,11,13,10,13,12,13,12,11
  14. 8680 Mark Chandler/Kate Chandler              14,15,14,15,12,DNC, DNC, DNC, DNC
  15. 7877 Matt Elliot/Steve Anderes                     14,15,14,15,12,DNC, DNC, DNC, DNC

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