Friday, July 01, 2022
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• Glaser, Technora Main
• Glaser, Technora Jib (stuff luff)
• Glaser, 0.6oz Light Air Spinnaker
• Glaser, 0.75oz AP Spinnaker
• P & B, 0.75oz Spinnaker

Main: 2009 Main, some good miles on it but good shape. A couple of small repairs on the front of the main window. Batten ends in good shape but worn. $400

Jib: 2009 Jib. Stuff Luff. Small rip on luff tape but not in structural area (sticky back will fix it). Some miles on it but in good shape. $250

Main and Jib together: $550

Spinnaker: 2008. 0.6 oz (light air) Actually in pretty good shape, but due to a nasty ring in the forepeak, I had to get 3 areas repaired by Glaser. 1 on the foot panel, 1 near the head, and the retriever patch. A couple of rust stains when I dried it on the trailer. $250 obo (USA 9009 sail numbers)

Spinnaker: 2008. 0.75 AP Good shape, 1 Repair on the retriever patch area. A couple of rust stains when I dried it on the trailer. $200 obo.

Spinnaker: 2004. 0.75 HST (nice in the launcher) Pinnell & Bax, a few small dings repaired with sticky back. Red/White/Blue. $250 obo.
Country: United States
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