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2° TransAlp Cup 1-3 May

2° TransAlp Cup Campione del Garda 1-3 May 2009

The 2nd TransAlp Cup regatta took place in Riva del Garda at Campione, this time we shared the event with the Contender Class fleet.

In the morning of May 1 we arrived for registration at Campione del Garda, the surrounding mountains were white with snow, the sun was shining bringing the air temperature in the 20°c and the lake was white, swept by 25-30 knots of Peler (North wind). What a sight! As usual, the Peler died at noon and by 1 pm the Ora (South wind) was coming up. The snow covered mountains did not allow the usual Ora to properly settle, nevertheless we completed 2 races in light conditions. The second day the synoptic wind from the north was very strong, therefore the Peler did not want to concede to the Ora. The Committee gave the start with Peler, but by the 2nd upwind leg the wind switched over from the south, race canceled, start all over. It took some time to reset the course in the over 350mt deep lake, so only one race took place in light conditions. The third day we started racing in the morning with Peler, which was blowing around 20knots, we got one race in, then the Peler switched to Ora and 3 more races were concluded in 10-15 knots winds. 4 races in a day were tiring, but, with such conditions, we all had smiles stamped on our faces. So 7 races took places, from light to medium/strong conditions, in >20° c & sunny weather, family members sunbathed on the beach, children played in the children game park.

5 Teams were present 2 ITA 2 GER 1SUI. From the outset the races became a very tight match race between Ciferri/Natali and Daisenberg/Henning with the rest of us obliged to be witness of such battle. At the end the young German team prevailed with 6 bullets second Ciferri/Natali and third the Swiss Houriet/Donze.

The Vela Club Campione del Garda proved to be a great host with great organization and great hospitality, everyday after racing, free beer was offered with complementary local food to all participants.

In conclusion, Campione will be scheduled again for next year, and I hope that more 505er will join us at this event, after all, there is no place like Lake Garda! For overall TransAlp results see

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