Typical Waterat Rigging/Control Systems

A view from the starboard bow, looking at the spinnaker pole retainer and vang. You can see part of the mast ram track and the mast ram tube.

The vang, and port twing, seen from the port side. The shroud extension is turned by the block on the rail, run though a tube in the seat tank and through the slots that can be seen in the diagonal bulkheads. There is 6:1 mechanical advantage there. Both sides are brought to the starboard side and turned aft. They join at a 4:1 that leads to a cleat on the aft thwart.

Part of the CB up and down controls can be seen as well. The vang and mast ram down controls are lead from the mast and mast step out to each side (forward of the diagonal bulkhead) turned at Harken thru-decks and lead aft along the hull/seat tank join to Harken cheek blocks that turn them up to small Servo cleats.

A view from further back showing more of the boat.

A view from astern. Note the spinnaker sheet leads. The lead goes from the spinnaker, through the thimble on the twing control (both twings are cleated in this image), to a bullet block on the rail, to a block on the transom, and forward along the seat tank side to a ratchet block.

Looking aft from the starboard shroud area.

Under the foredeck. Forestay extension - the rake control, and the jib cunningham/halyard tied into the forestay tackle to automatically compensate for rake adjustments.

Another under the foredeck view.