Practicing on the Chesapeake Bay at WRSC

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Fall practice at WRSC Barney Harris/????? and Macy Nelson/Monty Schumpert (leeward). Both teams are racing around a small triangle course often used by the WRSC fleet for practice.

Barney Harris ducking Nelson/Schumpert.

Macy Nelson and Monty Schumpert on a three sail reach, pulling away from the Boston whaler. Sail a 505 and never go slow again!
photo by Chris Harvey

Fall Practice at WRSC - Barney Harris planing upwind. Notice how much faster Barney is going than he ever has in his Albacore.

WRSC practice - Ali Meller/Mike Smith tacking.

Fall practice at WRSC

Fall practice at WRSC, rounding a gybe mark on a short practice course.

Fall practice at WRSC - you have to practice gybes, otherwise you get rolled easily.

Fall practice at WRSC - an almost capsize. The jib stayed cleated in the old cleat during the tack, the boat would have capsized except the Boston whaler was in the way! The shroud hit the bow of the whaler, the boat filled with water, but then came upright.

Fall practice at WRSC.

Fall practice at WRSC - Planing effortlessly.