Practicing at West River Sailing Club on the Chesapeake Bay

All photographs taken by Pat Butler, using his digital camera, on the way out to a practice session on November 23rd. It actually got a little windier after these photos were taken and Macy Nelson/John Fry, Barney Harris/Jesse Falsone and Ali Meller/Allan Johnson had some good practice around a small triangle. Thanks to the Butlers and Jim Willet for setting the marks and taking the photographs!

Ali Meller trying to find a useable mast. Its a long story, but.... the one in the boat was bent, and none of the others were quite ready to drop in the boat... a little canibalizing and the eleven year old D was ready to go..

Ali Meller/Allan Johnson Close reaching out to a widening in the West River .... in almost no wind.

A few seconds later... In what might pass for a puff.... flattening the boat by moving towards the windward rail.

Back to flat....

Macy Nelson/John Fry trying to go low in almost no wind.

Meller/Johnson sitting on the centerboard trunk, balancing out the helm and trying to steer with heel not rudder.

Another shot of Meller/Johnson pretending their 505 is a motorcycle.

Yet another shot of Meller/Johnson in light air. The photographer was a friend of Ali's hence all the photos. Note how flat the wake is in the last few images.

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