Photos of the 1996 Ronstan International 505 UK National Championship

updated 4:30 PM on 10/10/96

These are new versions of the images, scanned from prints. The original images posted were digitized by the film developer and were of very poor quality. These are quite a bit better!

Shroud tension detail - I think this is Clive Robinson's boat. Note the wire to prevent complete failure if the line breaks.

Another shot showing the retaining wire.Apart from reducing the inward load on the hull rail, this system also makes it easy to put marks indicating what the shroud setting is.

Jeremy Robinson/Bill Masterman's mast. Notice the twings on the trapeze wires. On the very few occasions I took a look on the water, their mast was quite straight.I wonder if this is supposed to be their version of the American straight rig. The last mast I saw these on was Steve Benjamin's epsilon in 1981....I have no idea where in the boat the control is adjusted.

Anne & Richard Cave-Penney working on their late model Rondar

A mainsheet travellerI believe several boats at the event had them (they are unkown in recent North American 505s).

a deck stepped mast!Also unknown in recent North American 505s. This is on a Kyrwood. Dave Peacock apparently uses a deck stepped mast on his Rondar as well.

Another view of the deck stepped mast showing the lowers controlling bend.Simon Lake reports that Dave Peacock is also using a deck stepped mast. Dave has an epsilon, which may be etched.

No wind. After a series of postponements, racing was postponed for the day. Two races were sailed on the following day, and Race of the Year was moved to the last day of the event (Friday).