Incredible Photographs of How Many 505s You Can Get onto A Jeep Cherokee

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Are you really sure this is going to work? Loading the top boat, right side up. Note the spare Rapide trailer - you never know when you might need spares! - between roof and boat. I wonder how high the center of gravity is now? Note - this was not authorized by Chrysler or the roof rack manufacturer!

left to right: Allan Johnson, Les Crane, Ali Meller (on top of Lauren's Jeep), George Saunders and Monty Schumpert.

I think we need some more line! It is a little over 1,000 miles from the Washington DC area to St. Petersburg Florida. Do you think Lauren Binn, owner of the Jeep, had any idea what we were going to do with her Jeep? Do you think it will "ever be the same?"

It could work; This rig might make it. That's easy for Allan (center) to say, he is flying! Ali (left) and George (right) have to drive this rig all the way!

"Really officer? I had no idea it was illegal to roof rack a boat 11 1/2 feet" in the air through Georgia. I sure hope this isn't a big problem.....Sir....

Back at home, after driving through the biggest East Coast snow storm in 70 years, and waiting days for the county to plow the side streets! The Jeep (and three boats) made it to within a few hundred feet of the driveway, but was finally stopped by snow deep enough to float the Jeep off the ground. The trailers waited in a nearby shopping center parking lot until the county got enough of the road plowed.