More 505 Photographs

Part of the Dinghy Park at the '92 Santa Cruz 505 World Championship. This was a fabulous championship, with warm sunny skies, and great wind. We had races with gusts to 32 knots at the weather mark! Santa Cruz is a wonderful place to be, and there was lots to do besides racing.

Another Image of the Dinghy Park at Santa Cruz. Many teams were billeted by members of the Santa Cruz Yacht Club.

Fall Practice at West River Barney Harris and Macy Nelson/Monty Schumpert. Macy is sailing George Iverson's boat, with Monty Schumpert's mainsail. Barney is the windward boat.

Fall Practice at West River: Harris ducking Nelson/Schumpert.

Fall Practice at West RiverMacy Nelson and Monty Schumpert pulling away from the Boston whaler. Photo by Chris Harvey.

Barney Harris planing Upwind. Much faster than an Albacore, isn't it Barney? The boat is heeled to windward slightly....

Ali Meller/Mike Smith tacking during a practice session on the West River.

Jonathan Phillips/Mike Smith at WRSC Mid Atlantic Regatta. They are approaching the leeward mark, which has just been rounded by an unidentified bag boat - notice the white hulled boat's forward tack position.

WRSC Mid Atlantic Regatta: Part of the fleet going down the run. Notice the lead boat, Rene de la Rie/Allan Johnson, slightly to windward of Ken Elliott/Allan Kilgore. The next few photos tell the story.....

WRSC Mid Atlantic Regatta - Setting up for the gybe; notice how this ends in the following image!

WRSC Mid Atlantic Regatta - Elliott Kilgore gybe inside Rene de la Rie/Allan Johnson. Well, Rene and Allan would be inside at the leeward mark, but they will not be able to get there in time to prevent Ken and Allan from rounding first. You have to keep your air clear! Ken and Allan won this event.

WRSC Mid Atlantic Regatta Rene de la Rie/Allan Johnson on starboard, followed by Jonathan Phillips/Mike Smith on port, trying to find some air while sailing through the boats still coming down the run. At least two of the boats running are going to get to the leeward mark overlapped...., with the orange spinnaker boat on the inside.

Meller/Smith on the West River in 7772, ICGN Satisfaction. It is a cool fall day, but who cares if the water is cold! The boat is flying! Note the small whitecaps.

1990 NAs on San Francisco Bay. The strong current off the St. Francis City Front made for interesting tactics to get into or out of the current. The wind against tide creates a wave and chop known as the "washing machine". The 505s revell in these conditions! Alcatraz Island is in the right background. 7772's skipper should be hiking harder; the crew is obscured by the jib. The boat should be flatter!

Chesapeake Olympic Classes Regatta - light air. Macy Nelson and crew keeping the chute full in about 0 knots!

Ali Meller & John Fry in marginal trapezing conditions at the '95 Midwinters in St. Petersburg FL - hosted by the St. Petersburg YC. They won the event by a very narrow margin over Macy Nelson/Peter Alarie.

Just after the start in a Sunday race at WRSC Pumpkin, in October of '95. Racing took place on the West River, about ten miles south of Annapolis.

Immediately following previous picture Rene and Merv - on port - are in a puff, and are planing upwind fast. Nelson/Saunders (leeward) and Meller/Kelly (windard) are about to run aground!

Ali Meller/Mike Smith at speed in Kingston Ontario with the big Hyde 2E kite

A younger Ali Meller/Mike Smith team in 7772 at a West River Spring Regatta on the Chesapeake Bay. Thomas Point light can be seen in the extreme left of the photo. Meller/Smith are speeding south, and should be in Norfolk very shortly at that rate!

Allan Johnson (right) and Ali Meller waiting for wind at the 1996 North American Championships in Kingston Ontario.

Photographs from the 1995 World Championship