5o5 Hull Shape Photos

Fiveohfive hull from the bow An upside down 505, from the bow
Note the unique hull flare that makes the boat much wider at the rail than at the waterline. The flare deflects spray, and provides additional stability as the boat heels. The flare forward prevents the bow from digging into waves and possibly pitchpoling. The extra width at the rail gets the hiking skipper and the trapezing crew further out for more righting moment.
Fiveohfive hull from astern The same 505 hull viewed from astern
The line separating the white and blue is actually somewhat above the true waterline (with the boat right side up). The amount of hull actually in the water is rather less than all the white part you see.

You can see two Elvstrom bailers. The larger bailer is further aft, where water collects when the boat is planing. The smaller bailer is forward, where water collects when the boat is not planing.