Photos of the ISAF Evaluation/Observation at Torbole on Lake Garda

Large images have been replced with properly scanned versions - should be rather better! 11:49 AM on 10/10/96
Lake Garda, looking North from Torbole

The next shot of Lake Garda moving from right to left...

Continuing the scan from right to left. These are the mountains forming the west shore of Lake Garda, at the North end.

Continuing the scan from right to left.... The white is not snow (it would be in wintertime), but rock bleached almost white. This view is almost directly across the lake from Torbole.

Continuing the scan from right to left.... This is now looking a little south of west....

Continuing the scan from right to left.... We are now looking more south. There are some vertical cliffs on the West shore of the lake in the distance. Lake Garda narrows there and the wind gets stronger where it funnels through.

Mike Jackson (left), Chairman of the evaluation/observation committee and Paul Henderson, President of the International Sailing Federation, chat with someone I cannot identify from the photograph.

One of our 505s - Simon Lake's - just off the shore. Probably waiting to come in and drop of one sailor and pick up another.

It wasn't work all the time!

Part of the International 505 Class team.... Ian Barker (left), Dan Cripps (middle) and Simon Lake.

Members of the UK Five-oh team doing one of the things they do best.

One of the new designs - the BOSS - being tailed by observers in a rigid bottomed inflatable.

One of the skiff wanna-bees at speed

A jammed up launching ramp with a crowd watching.

The 505 gybing.... with one of the skiff wanna-bees in gybing inside.

Another shot of a 505