505 Class at Sail Expo '96

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Sail Expo '95 Report

Sail Expo '96 Report

These are photos of the International 505 Class Yacht Racing Association American Section stand at the 1996 SAILEXPO show in Atlantic City.

Video and Home Page in Stand. We had new video (Mounts Bay and Durban Worlds), a demo of the 505 home page, and a computerized slide show running in the stand. That is Terry Neff/Bobby Noyes boat in the stand. The boom box is playing Flight 5o5 by the Rolling Stones....


George Saunders taking detailed measurements of fitting location.


From the open end of the stand. George is still at it! By coincidence - I'm sure - his preliminary rigging diagrams for the 7678 rebuild looked a great deal like the Neff/Noyes boat. He has since been convinced that he does not need 75 cleats on the tanks, and some control systems can be left on the boom or centerboard cap. Monty Schumpert is helping George.


Another view One Design 14s to the left, a Jet in the background to the right. Behind that is the pool. We were close enough to the fans to fill the sails from time to time, but air was quite disturbed!


Another stand closeup.


Vistors - and Monty Schumpert - entranced by the video, and the computer slide show. Check out the rudder. No, that is NOT a stock rudder. The real rudder is too long to put on the boat while it is sitting on its cradle. This is a show rudder, though many are tempted to try it out in light air.


Tyler Moore; Sunfish Laser Salesman trying to sell a 49er. Tyler had just ordered his new Waterat 5o5, and spent much of SailExpo discussing rigging ideas.


Terry Neff's 5o5 in the stand.


George Saunders transfixed by 5o5 videos.