Images from the 1997 International 505 World Championship in Gilleleje, Denmark

A nose job for Carbonara. Not a lot of material in the ends of this 505!

The Gilleleje Worlds tally board

Vikings play for keeps! Reenactment of the far from dull Viking way of life, at the opening ceremonies. These guys take no prisoners....

Dietrich Scheder-Bieschin checking out his spreader bracket.

A view of the dinghy park. Beach straight ahead, pier straight ahead and to the left, racing area a little further to the left.

Terry Neff working on the boat.

Pip Pearson (front) and Dave Cahn (rear) having fun in the dinghy park while derigging.

Krister Bergstrom in some very stylish purple salopettes.

Mike "California" Mills has raced the last three 505 Worlds, with three different skippers. That is Paul Towers, modelling his bathing suit, in the background.

Kalle Nilsson's see through Rebbel jib.

Kalle Nilsson's crew de-appendager cum jib sheeting system.

Worlds Sponsor Tuborg's huge blow up Tuborg bottle finds a new home the night of the prize presentation, tied to Paul Towers' Range Rover. Paul and the others in the cottage never heard a thing, despite the electric blower being plugged into their power plug!

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