Images from the 1997 Hyannis pre-pre Worlds

Photos of the 1997 Hyannis prepre-Worlds. Most photos by Terrie Moore, last photos by Ali Meller.

Hyannis pre-pre-Worlds article

Tyler Moore/Scott Ikle

Ken Elliott/Alan Kilgore; looks the the fog is rolling in!

Tyler Moore/Scott Ikle

Barry Kuehl/Frank Thompson

Hugh Morrin/Michael Hoffman.

Setting up for the gate start. Nick Grey (driver)/Gerard Kivney (crew) are about to round the gate launch's stern. Jonathan Phillips/Les Crane are lined up next, with Kivney/Johnson, the Follansbee brothers, and John Wyles/Allan Freedman lined up above them.

Les Crane (crew) and Jonathan Phillips (driver) gating.

John Wyles(driver)/Allan Freedman(crew) lining up the gate launch, with Terry Neff/John Fry (8660) above them.

Looking behind at those who have already started.8060 is tim Collins/Bill Smith, racing the Kulmar they just bought from Dave Porter.

Ian Torrie(crew) and Brook Hamilton(driver) in 8192 gating.

Hugh Morrin/Micheal Hoffman gating.Fowler/Dyson (high) and Harris/Falsone are charging in to start next.

Dave Dyson(crew)/Neal Fowler(driver) gating. Pulling in the mainsheet will lift Dave clear of the water very quickly. Barney Harris(driver)/Jesse Falsone(crew) are leeward boat.

Dyson/Fowler after gating.

Ethan Bixby(driver)/Ali Meller(crew) harden up at the gate. Fowler/Dyson are too leeward, having gated a few moments earlier.

Bixby/Meller powering upwind,a couple of seconds after gating.

Larry Rosenfeld/Ted Moore(crew)

Everyone is through the gate and blasting upwind.

Ethan Bixby. 1981 5o5 World Champion(with Cam Lewis). photo by Ali Meller.

Debbie Ashby(driver) and David(crew) newcomers to the 505 class, high fiving after Saturdays 26+ knot racing. photo by Ali Meller.

John Wyles/Allan Freedman with their Hyannis short rig. photo by Ali Meller.

Terry Neff's shortened rig. photo by Ali Meller.

Neal Fowler (left) and Alan Kilgore relaxing after racing. photo by Ali Meller.

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