More Photos of the 1997 East Coast Championship at Hampton Yacht Club

Photos by Erika Johnson

Updated 3:19 PM on 7/18/97

East Coast Championship Regatta Report

Barney Harris/Jesse Falsone blasting upwind. Is Jesse really 5' 11" tall?

Meller/Johnson in Saturday racing.

Tom Kivney/Todd Johnson attempting liftoff upwind as they approach the finish line.

Windward mark rounding in Saturday racing. Two boats (Moore/Ikle? and Nelson/Mendelblatt?) are around, with Phillips/Smith following, Meller/Johnson behind them, and boat with white waterline stripe on port. The windward mark is just off the image, to the right.

Part of the fleet hoisting and blasting down the first reach.

Latane Montague and Robert Montague upwind in 7346, acquired from Jim Englert early this year.

Tim Collins/Bill Smith on the layline.They bought the 7771 mainsail from Mike Martin, the boat's real number is 8060.

Tyler Moore/Scott Ikle power into the windward mark on port, with someone - Team Seal? - close behind in second.

Neal Fowler/Dave Dyson crossing the finish line.

Ken Elliott/Mark Wheeler keeping it flat upwind.

The Price brothers finishing in Tom's very recently acquired (from UK) epoxy Rondar. So whose idea was it to paint the floor purple? Those are old Pinnell & Bax sails.

Jonathan Phillips/Monty Schumpert on the layline for the windward mark. Jonathan's twelve year old Waterat was just repainted, and looks like a new boat. Feels indistinguishable from a new boat too! No more red hull though.

Meller/Johnson set up for the hoist.ALI!, GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE BOAT! You're heeling!

Latane and Robert Montague blasting downwind in Latane's woodlook (oak veneer on tanks, mahogany interior) Waterat.. Looking pretty good for a fourteen year old boat. Latane and Robert looking pretty good too for some 505 rookies...

A tight pack at the first windward mark.Meller/Johnson (edge of spinnaker and leech of Kevlar main visible behind 8645) have hoisted, the rest of the pack is very close behind. 8645 - Jim Englert/Thad Melton - are partially obscured by 8629 - Tyler Moore/Scott Ikle. Number 8 - Macy Nelson/Mark Mendelblatt follows close behind.

Where are 8083 - Neal Fowler/Dave Dyson - the leeward port tack boat with the yellow hull, and 8012 - Henry Amthor/Doug Amthor - the windward port tack boat with the blue hull and white stripe, going to go?

In Harm's Way Team Navy Seals - Ryan Cox and Carl Smit - make it look easy. It probably is when you are as fit as these guys.

A tight pack close reaching around the weather mark (part of which can be seen just behind behind the second boat from the left.

Henry and Doug Amthor finishing. Henry's hat is not a joke - it was VERY COLD!

Meller/Johnson winning race 5 on Saturday. Note the mast bend and rake..... Some of the top teams were raked to 25' 2" or even 25' 0"

Team Navy Seals upwind. Rake? Why? We don' need no stinking rake.... (when we have over 400 pounds in the boat)