Photos of the 1996 West River Mid-Atlantics

These are the conventionally scanned-from-prints versions...
Updated 12:05 PM on 10/17/96

Shortly after the start of Sunday's first race. The pin can be seen behind Amthor/Amthor in the blue/white boat to the right (second from the right).... The yellow hulled 505 with a good start further left is Jim Englert/Thad Melton.

A few moments later.... Some boats are peeling away for clear air and a try at the right hand side of the beat.

Amthors Going upwind...... The boat is very close to flat. If the digital image was a little better, you could see the controlled twist in the leach of the main.

Macy Nelson/Roger Link tacked to port, ducked some boats, and found the shift to lead at the weather mark, with Jim Englert/Thad Melton VERY close behind.

When will he make his move? Notice the different spinnaker pole heights.

Nelson/Link leading at the gybe mark.

With Englert/Melton right on their tail!

Macy Nelson/Roger Link going down the second reach.

John Wyles (Zimbabwe) on the second reach, immediately following the gybe. John was sailing with a "pick-up" crew in this event.

George Saunders (crewing) and Peter Mignerey. The boat is a gorgeous 1979 Lindsay that looks like new.....

Bob O'Brien shortly after the gybe.

Another shot of Bob O'Brien

John Wyles, sailing with a light crew, was forced low, doused the spinnaker, and came back up. They re-hoisted, just in time to battle with Monty and Craig Schumpert in 8015.

This set up a close mark rounding as Peter Mignerey/George Saunders had gone low and fast, while Wyles & Schumpert when higher dueling for clear air.

Amthors round the windward mark. Notice the loose vang for the bear away.

A quick gybe....

As they frequently do, the Amthors chose to gybe set. This requires a windward hoist in a bag boat (assuming the douse was in the normal port bag).

A few moments later, the kite is up and full.

Mignerey/Saunders at the mark.Note the mast bend, and the loose leach - probably eased for the spinnaker hoist.

Mignerey/Saunders choose to do a bear away set.

John Wyles approaching the windward mark.

Wyles bearing away and hoisting.

Bob O'Brien sets up for the bear away set.

And gets a nice hoist.

Monty and Craig Schumpert getting ready to hoist.

Macy Nelson/Roger Link lead the fleet up the final beat of the (old Olympic) course

Macy Nelson/Roger Link approaching the finish. Notice how flat the boat is!

Nelson/Link powering through the Chesapeake Bay chop/slop

Englert/Melton approaching the finish.

Chris Museler in 6311 powers across the finish line.

Rene de la Rie and A.J. Piccillo crossing the finish.Rene and A.J. were trying out Ethan Bixby's latest mainsail design.

Henry and Doug Amthor just after crossing the finish line. Do you suppose they are regretting not going right earlier on the first beat?

Another view of the Amthor's going upwind.

Peter Mignerey and George Saunders at the finish.

Bob O'Brien at the finish.

John Wyles at the finish.

Monty & Craig Schumpert.

The Start of the last race.Henry and Doug Amthor reached down the line on starboard early, gybed around to port, but do not appear to have anywhere to go, as Englert/Melton are right there on starboard, lining up Amthor's and the pin! Englert/Melton got the start, Nelson/Link were low, and somehow managed to get around the pin almost hitting it, but allowing Englert/Melton to roll them. Henry and Doug Amthor ducked a bunch of boats, but came out all right to lead at the weather mark.

Two of the fleet going upwind. Note how flat both boats are!

Nelson/Link bail out on port, ducking the boats still on starboard tack.

Nelson/Link just ducking behind John Wyles - the boat furthest to weather on starboard.

A slight shift, and most of the fleet wants to go right

Henry and Doug Amthor were first at the weather mark. and lead down the first tight reach.

... with Englert/Melton in hot pursuit! Henry and Doug were in the lead at every mark, with Jim and Thad never far behind, all the way around the race course. At the bottom of the final beat, the boats split slightly, and Jim/Thad got a puff that might have put them in the lead. The two teams were very close up the final beat, with Amthor's going a little further out towards the port tack layline for the finish. It looked like Jim/Thad had them, but a slight puff and lift gave the Amthor's what they needed to cross the finish a boat length or two in front of Englert/Melton. This gave the series to Macy Nelson/Roger Link, by 0.25 points, over Jim Englert/Thad Melton. Henry and Doug Amthor were 3rd.