505 Class at SailExpo 1995

Well, its over! It took a lot of work, but it was very successful.

Thanks to:

Larry Tuttle, Ali Meller, Ethan Bixby, Tyler Moore, Todd Johnson, Peter Mignerey, Barry Kuehl, John Fry, Mike Breton and sons, Mike Breault, Allan Johnson, Peter Alarie and Kara Forman, and others who helped.

We now have a number of excellent leads, I'm turning most of these over to region and fleet contacts. Most of the contacts are in New England and the Mid Atlantic Region. Following up these leads is VERY important. We came across as very professional and very organized, we cannot drop the ball now!

Larry Tuttle did an incredible amount of work pulling things together. Amongst other things he designed and built the stand and - we had other one design class people telling us we had the best, most professional stand. Greg Fischer of North Sails also complimented us on our stand.

One of the best aspects of our stand was the outstanding group of photographs that were assembled. Several were blown up to poster size, and can be seen in the overall stand photos. Incredible shots by Eric Simonson, Glen Viguers, Petra Kellers and Dennis Kelly showed various aspects of 505 racing - a few great heavy-air action shots, as well as some lower key pictures of a couple in a 505 and of lighter air racing. You should see these! The prints we used are for sale, and of course the photographers would be happy to sell you additional prints.

Larry also created a terrific brochure and made sure the class contact list, regatta schedule and boats for sale list were all nicely formatted and looked good. By the way, we now have a draft North American 505 schedule, and a North American 505s "for " sale" " list with about 30 boats on it!

We were so well prepared that we even had someone from the Highlander stand next to us asking for a ride, and information.

We now have the stand "pieces" do this SailExpo next year, or other boat shows. We are already forwarding some of the material to Denver for a local boat show.

We started planning late this year; if the class wants to be back next year, it is not too early to think about what we want to do differently.

There are some great pictures available. Dave Dyson, Pat Andreason/Meade Hopkins, and Bruce Edwards, have we got a deal for you!

The "most helpful person in Atlantic City" award goes to the local street person - sorry, I didn't get a name - who helped me pull the boat down the street to the parking lot where I'd stashed the car. Packing up the boat and stand, and getting out of the convention center was a big hassle (Thanks to Peter and Kara for sticking around as long as they did); by the time I wheeled the boat out of the convention center, I was alone, it was late, and it was INCREDIBLY cold. I could have frozen to death if this person hadn't helped me get the boat into the parking lot, and then helped me tie it down and hitch it up.

Ali Meller