International 505 Class Yacht Racing Association
Agenda for Annual General Meeting
to be Held at Gilleleje, Denmark
Tuesday 19th August 1997 at 1900 hours

  1. Minutes of last AGM

  2. Matters arising

  3. President's Report ( Mr. Pip Pearson)

  4. Secretary's Report (Mr. Les Everitt)

  5. Treasurer's Report

  6. Election of Secretary and Treasurer

  7. World Championships

    Progress report from the American Association on the 1998 Championships at Hyannis Yacht Club. Mass. U.S.A. 18th to 25th Sept.

    Progress report from the French Association to hold the 1999 Championships at the National School of Sailing, Quiberon in July.

    Proposal from the South African Association to hold the 2000 Worlds in Durban.

    European Championships 1998

    Proposal from the German Association to hold the championship at Damp. Situated a short distance north of Kiel.

  8. International Rules Committee Report
    by The IRC Chairman

  9. 2 proposals from the German Association for discussion,

    Proposal 1 The minimum sailing weight of the 505 dinghy shall be reduced
    in two steps:-
    To 124kg by 01 January 1998
    To 120kg by 01 January 2000

    Proposal 2 That the Class Rule - C-5.7 Entry Fee should be deleted.

  10. Publicity

  11. A.O.B.