Notice is hereby given that the 2002 Annual General Meeting of the Association will be held on Tuesday 10 December 2002 at the Fremantle Saling Club, Fremantle, Western Australia


The meeting will start at 19.30 hrs depending on the timing of the preceding World Championship Race





1. Approval of Minutes of 2001 AGM (previously circulated to National Association Secretaries and posted on Website since October 2001)

2. President's Report (Alexander Meller)

3. Secretary's Report (Chris Thorne)

4. Treasurer's Report (Stephen Burwood)

5. Appointment of Auditor

6. Report from International Rules Committee (Rob Napier)

7. Election of:


One nomination received by closing date:

Tom Bojland nominated by Danish 505 Class Association

International Vice President:

One nomination received by closing date:

Jean-Baptiste Dupont nominated by French 505 Association


8. Rule Changes

The IEC will be bringing forward proposals to amend the rules to give affect to the following:

Ban the use of centreboard case fillers as informally discussed and agreed at the 2001 AGM

Clarify 5.6.2 and 5.6.3 problems have arisen with the definition of thwarts and bridge decks under this rule. A proposal to reword the rules with the intention of removing ambiguity whilst retaining the basic open plan design of the boat will be put forward

The exact wording of the proposals is still being settled but will be circulated about one month before the meeting.

9. Any other proposed rule changes made in accordance with Rule A.11, A.12 and A.13


10. Carbon Spars working party (Simon Lake to report)

11. World Championships 2003. (Swedish Association to Report)

12. World Championships 2004 (To receive a detailed submission from American Section)

13 World Championships 2005 (to consider preliminary proposals from French Association and German Association and offer to host from Royal Malta Yacht Club)

14 Other future Championship events

15. European Championships



Close of meeting.



C G Thorne - International Secretary - 9 October 2002



There will follow an informal open forum for general discussion.