Notice is hereby given that the 2001 Annual General Meeting of the Association will be held on Wednesday 26 September 2001 at the Clube Naval de Cascais, Cascais, Portugal

The meeting will start at 19.00 hrs depending on the timing of the World Championship Race



1. Approval of Minutes of 2000 AGM (previously circulated to National Association Secretaries and posted on Website since December 2000)

2. President's Report (Ali Meller)

3. Secretary's Report (Chris Thorne)

4. Treasurer's Report (Stephen Burwood)

5. Appointment of Auditor

6. Report from International Rules Committee (Rob Napier)

7. Election of:

International Secretary

International Vice President

Chairman of Rules Committee

8. Rule Changes

a) Proposed by IEC:

To delete the existing Rule B 14 (Advertising), and replace with:

14 Advertising.

The advertising category to be applied to the Class shall be Category C. There shall be no restrictions within Category C.

Delete rules C 5.6 and C 5.7.

Note: This change is proposed following the change in the ISAF Advertising Code that abolished Category B and allowed classes to decide whether they wished to adopt Category A or C. In accordance with the resolution at the last AGM, the IEC advised ISAF that we wished to adopt Category C with effect from 1 April 2001. If Category C is adopted, the Code provides that there should be no variation in entry fee for competitors carrying Category C advertising.

Rules C 5.6 and C 5.7 are now redundant.

b) Proposed by IEC:

To delete rule B 7.1.3 (limiting spars to wood or aluminium)

Note: Following debate at the AGM in Durban on the continued ban on other materials, particularly carbon fibre, the IRC and IEC has made investigations with both manufacturers and other classes. Whilst carbon fibre is, and is likely to remain more expensive than aluminium, it also has certain advantages. A significant number of manufacturers around the world are now producing carbon, or carbon composite, spars for dinghies and small keel boats, and they are being adopted by many of the new classes. The IEC has concluded that there is no longer justification for restricting the materials that may be used in spars. It is not proposed to alter Rule B 9.2.

9. Any other proposed rule changes made in accordance with Rule A.11, A.12 and A.13

10. World Championships 2002. (Australian Association to Report)

11. World Championships 2003 (To receive a proposal from the Swedish Association)

12 World Championships 2004 and beyond

13. European Championships 2002 (German Association)


Close of meeting.


C G Thorne - International Secretary - 18 August 2001


There will follow an informal open forum for general discussion.