1. Class Magazine:
    Pip Pearson reported that although the members at the last AGM had expressed a desire for an International Magazine to be produced in 1999, nothing had yet been produced. This was because the IEC had been trying to establish exactly what the aims of the magazine should be given that most news is now communicated by e mail or the internet, and difficulty in finding someone to take on the considerable amount of work involved.

    Paul Young (GBR) had recently been in contact with Strawberry Marketing, which produces the International Magazine for the 470 Class. This company deals with all production matters and advertisers, and just requires the Class to provide editorial. Based on the evidence of the 470 Magazine the IEC had agreed to ask Paul to follow this up. Paul had also volunteered to act as editor to collect and collate material to pass to Strawberry Marketing.

    This initiative was welcomed by the members present and was agreed that the IEC should follow up this offer. Holger Jess stated that we should aim the magazine at a wider audience and extend distribution - there was no point in marketing to ourselves.

  2. Credit Card Payments:
    A number of people asked if the Association can register to accept Visa and other Credit / Charge cards. This would greatly facilitate the payment of international invoices and entry to Championships. This latter point had been a particular problem at this Championships, with non French competitors having to pay substantial bank charges. If championship income is excluded, the International Class’s turnover is too low to be of interest to most card issuers and the costs would be prohibitive. If championship income is included it potentially creates other problems. Since the class would have to collect entries rather than the host club there would be issues of contractual liability, and in Europe, the addition of VAT to the entry fees.

    Another suggestion to boost turnover was that all membership fees be collected by International and then distributed to National Associations. Jim Berry (GBR) did not like this idea. The IEC agreed to make further investigations.

  3. Open Championships:
    Pip Pearson asked for views on the number of boats at this championship and if people felt that the decision to make championships open was a success. The unanimous view of those present was that the high numbers greatly enhanced the enjoyment of the event. No adverse comments were made.

    Chris Thorne - International Secretary. Aug 99