held on 19th August, 1969, at the Royal St. George Yacht Club,
Dun Laoghaire,Dublin. Ireland.

There was relatively modest attendance, but amongst those present were the following officers:-

France M. Buffet, 0. Nottet, P. Poulain,J.M. Danielou, Y. Pajot,
England D. Farrant, P. Chandler, A.Black
Denmark B. Eppers, J. Eppers.
Ireland M. O'Rahilly, C. Love, H. Cudmore.
U.S.A. David O'Neil.

This meeting was conducted by the President Fred Garner, with Jean Cettier as Honorary Secretary and Monique Baudry as Assistant Secretary.

Apologies G. Woizan - International Treasurer

The minutes of the previous meeting held at Kiel, West Germany, in August 1966 were agreed.

Honorary Secretary's Report
On behalf of the International 505 Class, the Hon. Secretary congratulated the President on being honoured by the Queen with the C.B.E. (Commander of the British Empire.)

The assembly unanimously agreed that Derk Vyn's name be put forward for a postal vote.

Thanks to Fred Garner
On the retirement of Fred Garner from the position of International President, Commander Percy Chandler and Jean Cettier thanked him for his work over a number of years, and presented him with a silver model on a green marble base of his last 505. The presentation was made on behalf of all Associations, who had subscribed on a world-wide basis. In expressing his great surprise and pleasure for the kind words that had been said and for what he described as a wonderful presentation, the President went on to say how very much he had enjoyed his eight years or so as International President, and expressed his gratitude to all of the officers of the Association throughout the world and especially the International Office in Paris, for the magnificent support they had given him.

Official Rules
Jean Cettier explained how a new Rules Committee was established at Kiel last year. This Committee, built up by the British and French Rules Sub-Committees, worked on a text proposed by the British Section in view of clarifying the building rules. During the winter, each sub-committee worked from its side, and meet twice being at that times the International Rules Committee. The new proposed text has been circulated by the Central Office to all National Section Officers. No modification of dimension has been made, except for the size of the main sail at headboard. It moved from 100 mm (4 in.) to 125 mm (5 in.), 100 mm being the length of the headboard and125 mm the width of the sail, ropes included.

Cettier then proposed to agree these rules. He is assisted by P. Chandler on behalf of the British Association and D.O'Neil for the American Section. The proposals were unanimously agreed.

The President expressed the thanks of the meeting to Derek Farrant, Chairman of the Rules Committee, and asked him to convey this message of appreciation to all members of the Committee.

These changes will be referred to I.Y.R.U. For approval.

Central Office
Jean Cettier reported on the new organisation of the secretariat, and said how he hoped that with the additional help of Mrs. Gamier, correspondence would be dealt with more expeditiously. The Hon. Secretary went on to say how glad he had been to meet 505 Overseas friends throughout the past year, including Albert Santos from U.S.A., and Derek Farrant, who came to Paris to discuss the next world championship meeting at Plymouth in 1970.

Americano 505
The Secretary advised the assembly that a French firm would be launching a new drink (cocktail) on the market, under the name of "Americano 505" After talks with the President, Fred Garner, it had been decided to collaborate with them. In France this firm had already given some very nice prizes, and we hoped to get help from this firm, which intended to begin an advertising campaign in all countries
England would be the first.

Class News
Since last year, 390 additional 505's have been registered in the following countries:-
France 99 Sweden 15 Denmark 5
U.S.A. 77 Australia 8 Argentina 1
G.B. 70 South Africa 8 Belgium 1
Canada 29 Zambia 8 Bermuda 1
Switzerland 27 Finland 5 Ireland I
Germany 17 Hong Kong 5

Financial Report
The Hon. Secretary read the Treasurer's Report.
This report did not show the exact balance of the figures as it was only based on six months working. To the figure given at Kiel in 1968, must be added the Danish fees of 230,00 F.

At the end of July we had:-
National fees: 1516,84F.
New Sail numbers : 3651,26F.
We have to the credit of J. Westell: I748,25F.
Ed. Unfortunatly the rest of these minutes were lost in e-mail transmission.