France -M. Buffet, D. Nottet,
England -D. Farrant, L. Marks,
Canada - M.A. Pope, H.B. Heath,
Denmark - J. Eppers, V. Mule Thers,
Germany - F. Steiner, W. Pesch,
Hong Kong - E. Lockeyear, R. Thomas,
Ireland - S. Flood, N. Hegarty,
Kenya - W.S. Deverell, H.N. Armstrong,
Rhodesia - R.S N. Belford, P.Morgenrood,
South Africa - D. Ord, L. Serrurier,
Sweden - C. Bath, P. Bath,
U.S.A. - A.D. Surtees, A. Lewis,
Zambia - J A. Valentine, D. Tarbet,
Australia - R.J. Pound, J. Winwood.

In the absence of any representatives of the International Association the chair was occupied by the President of the Australian 505 Association, J.B. Parrington.


Apologies were received from Miss M. Baudry, Messrs. F. Garner, J. Cettier, I. Clayton-Love, P.L. Chandler.


The Minutes of the previous meeting held In Morocco In August, 1965 were not available.


1. Future Series.
For the 1967 Series the French delegates placed before the meeting a proposition for La Baule in France. They were able to promise reduced fares for the transporting of boats and also a subsidy on accommodation. It was regretted that the French Association would not be in a position to lend boats to overseas competitors. It was moved by D. Farrant, seconded M. Pope that the 1967 Series be held at La Baule in France in August, 1967. CARRIED.

A letter was tabled from the International Association regarding an application from Argentina to hold the 1968 Series. The International Association recommended that the 1968 Series be held at Kiel in Germany as the International Olympic Committee would be meeting in Europe in 1968 to decide the classes for the 1972 Olympic Games. The letter further recommended that Argentina be considered for the 1969 Series. It was moved by E. Lockeyear, seconded M. Pope that the recommendations of the International Association be accepted and that the 1968 Series be held in Kiel, Germany and if Argentina was Interested then, the 1969 Series be held In that country. CARRIED.

The Irish delegates submitted a case for the 1970 Series to be held in Ireland. The meeting decided to acknowledge their application but was reluctant to confirm the Series because of possible changing situations in other countries.

2. Limit of Entries.
Considerable discussion took place on the matter of limiting the number of starters in future series and it was decided to recommend that the total maximum number of starters be 75. It was felt that the best way to limit this list of entries was for the host nation to accept the overseas entries and then use local boats to provide the additional number up to 75

3. Definition of Membership.
A proposal to redefine membership of the International Association to enable group travel benefits to be available to members of National Associations was accepted, provided it included Associate Members of the National Associations.

4. Election of Officers.
As there were no nominations apart from those for the existing officers of the International Association, they were reelected unopposed.

5. Minimum Weight.
Correspondence was read from the Chairman of the International Measurement Committee (Mr. J. Westell) regarding a proposal to increase the minimum weight, both hull only and all up. It was felt that it has been proven that boats of adequate strength can be built down to the existing minimum weight and that any increase in these minimums would tend to detract from the comparative erformance of the 505. It was moved by L. Marks, seconded R.J. Pound, that the minimum weight shall not be altered. CARRIED.

While the present weight restrictions are considered adequate, the practice of allowing compensation weight up to 10 kgms. did lead to ultra light construction that could possibly be of inadequate strength. It was a unanimous decision of the meeting that the maximum amount of compensating weight allowed shall be 5 kgms.

It was reported that several countries were having difficulties with the direction that a boat must be out of the water for an uninterrupted period of 2 months before weighing. The period of two months seemed to be unrealistic to the delegates present and it was felt that in the future the minimum period should be two weeks to fall in line with similar classes.

The Chairman was directed to write to John Westell regarding the feelings of the meeting on weights.

6. Main Sail Measurements.
In view of the difficulties experienced with measuring of main sails at this Series, it was agreed that John Westell be approached in order that the following points may be cleared up: - (a) Does the maximum width at right angles to the luff 7 7/8' below the highest point of the sail include the bolt-rope of the main sail? The official rules do not indicate whether the bolt rope is included in this measurement and also in the half and three quarter height widths of the main sail. However the Sail Measurement Instructions of the I.Y.R.U. say that the bolt-rope is to be included in the cross measurements of the main sail. (b) A measurement instruction is required on the method of finding the positions of battens on the leach of the main sail. A clarification of the length to be divided Into five parts to position the battens Is needed, as is also the method required when measuring at the head board. When It says In the measurements that top batten' shall not be placed higher than its mark, Is it to be assumed that this means the top edge of the batten pocket or the centre of the batten pocket?

7. Offsets.
It was reported that Builders in Canada were having trouble with the table of offsets supplied with the official drawings. It was resolved that John Westell be asked to look Into this matter.

8. International Association Funds.
On the matter of finance for the running of the International Association all nations represented at the meeting were unanimous in the thought that the International Association must be adequately financed, If it is to carry out its duties in regard to the development and promotion of the class. A letter was tabled from the British Association setting out a possible method of determining the running cost of the International Association on the basis of one year.It was resolved that

(a) more information be supplied regarding the expenses of the International Association, and

(b) that methods of effective control of the disbursement of the funds be formulated.

9. Appreciation.
All delegates expressed their appreciation of the efforts of the 505 movement in Australia in the organisation and running of the present Series.The Meeting closed at 12.30 p.m.

Minutes provided by past International Secretary LES EVERITT