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Peter Danby Photos from the '98 Worlds

Well known Sailing Photographer Mr. Peter Danby has very graciously agreed to let the American Section use these terrific images, on the Web and in Tank Talk, only. For any other use, please contact him. Mr. Danby has been a 505 Class insider for many years, and has taken some of the better known images of 505s. Thank you Mr. Danby!

OUCH! Despite the huge fleet on
one start, and the open rather
than prequalifers-only Worlds,
only one boat was badly damaged...
in the practice race.

A pack approaching the gybe mark.
Macy Nelson/Jeff Ewenson
in foreground,
David Porter/Peter Holden astern,
German team behind Nelson/Ewenson,
Howard Hamlin/Mike Martin in front.

Same pack a second later.

Mike Zani/Peter Alarie (7318)
Mark Upton-Brown/Ian Mitchell
to the gybe mark.

Robin Brown/Rich Mundell
gybe, with
Dietrich Scheder-Bieschin/Johan Arvedson
inside (and apparently trying to dive)!

Howard Hamlin/Mike Martin
pulling away from the chasing pack.

Who says 505 racing isn't tactical?
Ethan Bixby/Cam Lewis (7093),
(8627) Tim Collins/Bill Smith
visible through Bixby/Lewis mainsail
Neal Fowler/Dave Dyson
(yellow hull inside),
Ellen Ablow/Allan Norman (7873),
Terry Neff/Bobby Nois (8576)
trying to get inside, and
Jim Englert/Thad Melton
coming in behind.
A lone Brit team (8680)
is to the far right of the image,
looking for some place to go.

Tyler Moore/Scott Ikle leading
a bunch into the mark.
Hamlin/Martin are close behind.

Phillipe Boite/Jean-Luc Muzellec
with a German team chasing.

Team Spot
(Barney Harris/Jesse Falsone)

Macy Nelson/Jeff Ewenson (8191)
with Ali Meller/Les Crane (8263)
to windward, during a windy
pre-worlds race.

Mike Zani/Peter Alarie racing
the ageless Dumptruck,
Lindsay 7318.

Nick Trotman/Mike Mills
the Green Room
Rondar 8610

Ethan Bixby/Cam Lewis
racing the same Lindsay 505 they won the '81 Worlds in, 7093.
Gary Knapp/Lewis won the '82 Worlds in this boat as well

Bill Pevear/Jan Ase try for
liftoff, with two other boats
going high on them.
Can you believe that
6821 - built in 1978 -
is still going strong?

Julian Pearson racing the
windy Worlds race with
Dennis Burroughs
(who took time off from the publicity team to fill in for an injured crew)

Bryan Largay/Matt Sanders
racing the ageless
Punishment Pony
Hamlin 7096


Legendary Marcel Buffet
is going to kick your butt!
M. Buffet won the 505 World
Championship in 1959 and 1960,
and has raced almost every 505
World Championship ever held

Bixby/Lewis chasing a pack.

Trotman/Mills (8610)
Tim Collins/Bill Smith (8627).

1998 International 505 World Champions
Nick Trotman/Mike Mills

Packing the containers.

Nick and Mike receive their trophies.

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