Tuesday, October 20, 2020
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2018 Worlds AGM minutes

Minutes of the 2018 Annual General Meeting of the Association 

 Thursday 26thJuly

 Maritime University, Gdynia, Poland


The Meeting commenced at 09:33 with a total of 110 Members present.

            IEC:-   President – Michael Quirk

                        Vice President – Michael Holt

                        IRC Chairman – Andreas Jungclaus

                        International Secretary – Stuart Turnbull  

  1.  Apologies

Apologies received from David Smithwhite- Treasurer

  1. Approval of Minutes of 2017 AGM

The minutes of the 2017 AGM held at Severn Sailing Association and       Eastport Yacht Club, Annapolis, MD, USA, had been posted on the Association website and sufficient copies were made available at the meeting.

Moved by Mark Stowell and seconded by Matt Hansen, they were accepted        as a true and accurate record of the meeting.

  1. President’s Report

Michael Quirk gave his presentation to the meeting outlining the state of the        class and indicating what future changes are being considered. He emphasised how pleasing it was to see such a large entry for the first Worlds hosted by Poland and thanked Przemek Zagórski for all his work to make this possible. 

He mentioned that we were getting some measurement issues with new boats on account of their being very close to tolerance limits and that new boats will be checked during scrutineering at World Championships.

Michael reported that there is good progress with the new website which is almost ready for launching and thanked Finn Boger for all his work to make this possible. The new website would allow every National Association to input their events to a global calendar and coordinate events internationally.

He emphasised how important it is to encourage good sponsors and, if possible, to sponsor the Class rather than events. This would greatly improve the Class profile. He said how he was enjoying the Euro Cup series and encouraged Europeans to enter the event in Hayling Island in September. He indicated the possibility of future events in Spain.  He suggested that it may be advantageous to employ professionals to market the Class.

The Meeting showed their appreciation of the report.  

  1. Secretary’s Report

Stuart Turnbull, presented his report to the meeting saying how encouraging it was that registration of new boats was progressing quickly this year with 19 boats registered so far and with more on the order books. There were 18 in total in 2017.

Conversely membership is considerably lower than previous years, down to 919 from 999.

He reported that after consultations with Bermuda, the selected host for the 2020 World Championships, the IEC had decided to keep the tradition of holding World Championships in Europe on alternate years. The offer from the Swedish Association to host the 2020 Championships in Bastad has been accepted, Bermuda will host the 2021 Worlds. He concluded that the Class is in good health as far as boat production and Championship entries but that we need to keep promoting the class and encourage more members. 

  1. Treasurer’s Report

 In the absence of the Treasurer, time was given for the meeting to examine   the report and, following a proposal by Pip Pearson seconded by Paul Von Grey, the report was unanimously accepted.

  1. Appointment of Auditor

Bob Franks indicated that he was prepared to continue as Auditor and was duly re-appointed.

  1. Report from International Rules Committee

Andreas Jungclaus presented the report of the IRC:

 Mainly, the IRC explains measurement procedures and rules interpretation.

Since the last AGM there were very few technical questions from owners and builders. As in the past there were also questions on options to make building the 505 easier and cheaper, e.g.by banning gybing centreboards, shroud travellers and other expensive features. However there are pros and cons around all those aspects to be discussed.

Topics for potential future discussion could be:

- Championship rules: standardise format of NOR and SI, e.g. gate start

- Measurement rules: review details of rules with no importance for racing, drop irrelevant rules, review details of keelband width/thickness.

If such topics are prioritised and need further advice from the IRC we would be ready to step in.

We might also investigate future options in other areas. These could be:

- Presentation: use of the new international website with national sections to share resources

- Documentation: use new web site to archives measurement books and certificates and to give access to corporate technical support. Give local contacts for a trial sail and class membership. 

All thoughts for improvements are welcome, please let us know.

  1. Election of Officers
  1. Election of International President, with no alternative nominations received and the incumbent prepared to stand for another term, the appointment of Michael Quirk was duly ratified by the meeting.
  2. Election of International Vice President, with no alternative nominations received and the incumbent prepared to stand for another term, the appointment of Michael Holt was duly ratified by the meeting.

  1. Rule Changes

 No proposals for rule changes were received.

  1. World Championship 2019 – Fremantle, Australia

Mark Stowell and Thor Schoenhoff from Fremantle gave a presentation and showed a video of the last National Championships hosted Fremantle Yacht Club. They indicated that the racing area will be different from the one previously used and that winds of 18/22mph are expected. They explained that container support had been arranged and emphasised that all containers must arrive before the 22ndof November to be sure of clearing Customs. The meeting thanked Mark and Thor for their presentation.

  1. World Championship 2020 – Bastad, Sweden

Morgan Sunden flew in to give a presentation on behalf of Bastad. He confirmed that the venue had lots of experience in running large events and that the race officials are already in place. He explained that the proposed date for the Championships, 22 July to 1 August, had not yet been finalised as they wanted to avoid a possible clash of dates with a local tennis tournament.

There being no other proposals, the meeting accepted Bastad as the venue for the 2020 World Championships.

  1. World Championship 2021 – Bermuda

Mike Holt gave a short presentation on behalf of Bermuda. The Championships are likely to be held in November 2021 he and explained that there are likely to be travel subsidies when questioned about the cost of attending an event in Bermuda.

A full presentation will be given at the 2019 AGM in Fremantle.

  1. European Championship 2021 – Port Crouesty, France

The proposal for this event was withdrawn

  1. World Championship 2022 – Port Crouesty, France

The proposal for this event was withdrawn

  1. AOB

It was confirmed that a European Championships will be held in Sonderbourg, Denmark in 2019

Andreas Jungclaus explained that he will be looking at the measurement rules with a view to modernising them and removing any irrelevant rules. Rule changes would have to be proposed for acceptance at an AGM.

Mark Stowell proposed that the Class should hold another Championship in Poland in the near future.

In an informal vote it was agreed that Championship race courses should be windward/leeward with a longer first beat, that the triangle be dropped and that there should be more but shorter races

The meeting closed at 11:00

S J Turnbull – International Secretary – 21 September 2018

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