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TOPIC: Is the 505 going back to the dark days . . . .

Is the 505 going back to the dark days . . . . 6 years 11 months ago #475

  • mauwii
  • mauwii's Avatar
Is the Int 505 class loosing it's way again, boat figures for 2013 were very low and 2014 will only be lifted by the fact that the worlds are being held at Kiel, Germany the current heartland of International 505 activity.

While you have to accept and congratulate John Westall's rules on keeping the boat open for innovation, has this just gone too far? The result being we now new boats costing around 30,000 Euro's too much for most sailors who can get better "bucks" for their money elsewhere.

Pip Pearson (President of the class) has openly suggested changes to the class, that I believe simplify and increasingly complex boat, but don't reduce the excitement or performance of the racing.

Removing adjustable shroud tracks, lifting pins, gybing centerboards and dual spinnaker poles, will remove around $2,000 of cost of any boat and most of the class boats can be adapted to this change, It will also reduce the weight.

Also, why is the class using carbon spinnaker poles and booms, when every boat carries correctors to meet the minimum weight? Just doesn't make sense, either ban them (reducing cost more) or reduce the minimum weight by 10kg, so it makes sense to use them.

Lighter boats are faster boats (and looking at the average of the sailors) we all need lighter boats, we are not getting any younger.

So we either let the Holgar Jess price the class out of existence (this is not a dig, he has done terrific work in keeping the class going), but it's not the long term solution.

We need a competitive fleet on the water for less than 20,000 Euro including taxes, otherwise the class will continue to struggle in this competitive market place.

Take note everyone and stop sticking your heads in the mud, Holgar you can help, stop producing complicated boats and the class make some decisions for "g*d-sake" for the good of the class.
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Re: Is the 505 going back to the dark days . . . . 6 years 11 months ago #476

  • PaulK
  • PaulK's Avatar
No responses, despite dozens of looks? Does everyone agree, then? Mauwii seems to be saying that there is a point of diminishing returns, where expensive changes to the 505 result in minimal performance improvement. A masthead spinnaker makes a really big difference, while a carbon pole's effect is harder to measure. Both changes make the boat more expensive, and help to price it out of the market of possibly interested sailors. When you need a new boat in order to win significant races, and only those with the deepest pockets can afford a new boat, guess who wins? Other sailors get tired of losing, and invest in a different one-design boat where their sailing skills don't get shortchanged so quickly by high rollers. The open design concept has served the 505 well, but perhaps needs updated guidelines to help make the boats more affordable and plentiful.
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Re: Is the 505 going back to the dark days . . . . 6 years 9 months ago #477

  • tylerwmoore
  • tylerwmoore's Avatar
Sorry, don't agree with your conclusions PaulK. What everyone in the Class can agree on, is that the way their boat is rigged, is the best. People like the choice that the Class affords. Not too many options in the sailing world for that anymore. Why are the boats so complicated and expensive? Because there is no penalty for it and it is in fact encouraged by the rules. One can put every system imaginable on the boat and STILL have to add corrector weight. If you really want to reduce complications, you would be in favor of a minimum bare hull weight. Then people would have to choose what to add or go over the minimum sailing weight. Either that or go out there with a simple boat and WIN!
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